Propecia way back to the nice and thick hair

All around the world, all men have one same problem.
Through the centuries, until these days, doctors were trying to find a cure for this problem.
This problem is the same for all men, kings and peasants, lawyers and coal miners, designers and architects, it’s a problem of losing hair.
Society gives us high standards and criteria how we should look, and people are easily ready to make false assumptions following these standards.
Cure Propecia might just be a solution for this problem. After all, nice and thick hair is something that brings you points with the ladies. 

In the late nineties of the last century, in search of the cure to treat Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) pharmaceutical company “Merck” developed a medicine for male hair loss by accident.
As they were conducting clinical tests, scientists discovered that the most of the men have experienced some hair re-growth. Re-growth was side effect of using a treatment for BPH. After this discovery, they have made some changes on medicine’s formula, and conducted some more tests. Final result was a medicine approved by Food & Drug Administration (FDA). It was approved as a medicine for the treatment of male hair loss.

Propecia is an oral pill, and it’s available with prescription only.
It’s for men use only and women and children should avoid any contact with these pills.

Clinical studies have shown that in the most cases result will be seen after tree to twelve months after the beginning of the treatment. Side effects are very rare, just two percent of study participant have experienced them, and side effects disappeared once participant stopped using Propecia. The usual side effects were loss of sexual desire and reduced libido. Using Propecia can cause an allergic reaction. The symptoms are difficulty in breathing, skin hives, swelling of the throat, tongue, lips or the whole face. If you experience any symptoms of the allergic reactions or side effects be sure to contact your doctor for the further instructions.

Crashed or broken Propecia pills in contact with bare skin can cause an allergic reaction. Exposed area should be washed with soap and water right away. Pregnant women should avoid Propecia pills because taking Propecia during pregnancy can cause losing a baby.

Using Propecia will increase Prostate specific antigen (PSA) level in your body.
If you have to take a PSA blood test, inform your doctor that you are currently using Propecia, or you have been using it in the past. If you don’t, they could make mistakes with interpretation of your test results.
This increased PSA level is nothing to be worried about, after some time everything will be back in normal.

Propecia can also increase risk of developing prostate cancer, you should look for a symptoms on your regular health check.

Propecia is a medicine which can probably help you if you are dealing with the hair loss. There are some risks and side effects you should be aware of. If your decision is to use Propecia pills don’t forget to inform your doctor.

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